Eat Slowly!

When we eat our food, instead of shovelling it off the plate and into our mouths at top speed, we should take our time, eat slowly and actually enjoy our meal!

It may not really surprise anyone to see the obvious in the title of this article, especially when it comes to being able to effectively digest food and make it count, while avoiding as far as possible the body's election to store any of it as fat!

Those on the road to losing weight could learn a lot from this.

eat slowlyWhen you eat fast, you don't give your stomach a chance to tell your brain that its full. So you keep right on eating until you are over full.

Whatever the excess is will be added to your already expanding waistline, or thighs or wherever you really don't want to be putting on more blubber!

So what can you do to slow down the eating frenzy that you experience at every meal?

Avoid Distractions While You Eat

Lots of things distract us while we eat. It could be the TV is on in the next room and we can hear it loud and clear. Even if we're not really taking any notice of it, it's still there distracting us on a subconscious level.

Or maybe a radio is playing. Or there is a newspaper or magazine open on the table and you are reading a particularly interesting article. Or you're reading some garbage that you have no interest in, but you're still reading it because it's there!

Get rid of these and other distractions and focus on what you are eating!

When you place your concentration on what's on your plate and what is going into your mouth, you can actually slow down enough to taste what you are eating! This is one of the simple weight loss basics. A distracted person rarely tastes the food or is even aware of it being forked into their mouths until they have finished!

Deliberately Put Your Fork Down Between Mouthfuls

This might sound silly, but try it anyway. You will be forcing yourself to physically slow down the rate of forkfuls that go into your mouth per minute! You will also be making yourself chew and taste the mouthful of healthy food before you swallow it and then there will be a pause before the next forkful goes into your mouth.

The psychological factor at work here is that you have to wait a little between mouthfuls so your digestive system gets a little more time to do its job without the stress of trying to cope with keeping up with too much food all at once. A digestive system that is not under stress will work much more efficiently at processing the nutrients in your food and that means less gets stored as fat.

Also, because you are eating more slowly, your stomach has time to inform your brain that it is full as it actually happens, so you can naturally stop eating at the right time. You really don't always need to eat all the food on your plate to be full, so instead of wasting the excess on your waistline, waste it in the garbage or feed it to the dog or cat (if you have one)!

The bottom line is that whatever diet you may be eating, you can get the most from it by slowing yourself down when you eat it. That way you get to enjoy your food more thgoroughly while your body gets to extract the maximum nutrition from it.

This is how to help yourself enjoy slow and steady weight loss the natural way and the best part is that it really works!