About Us

This is the About Us page for Health and Vitality at www.sjvita.org. Welcome to this website!

Good health and vitality go together like peas in a pod and this site can show you how to achieve both in simple steps that can change your life. This website is dedicated to helping you achieve your own level of health and vitality through an easy to follow process that will be of benefit to anyone who wants to make such improvements to their lives.

Through a series of helpful and informative articles published here on the site, you can learn a lot about the many aspects of attaining good health and keeping it.

Learn how the mind plays a huge role in the running of the body and what happens when you allow external influences to run your mind for you rather than running it for yourself. Discover how what you eat affects your body in many more ways than just what you weigh or how you look on the outside!

There are many surprises in store for the person who chooses to delve deep into the mysteries of the human body and mind and start uncovering the knowledge that has always been available to anyone who seeks it!