Daily Exercise

There is still much debate on the direct effectiveness of daily exercise in helping to prevent the onset of many forms of cancer. However, one thing is quite certain and that is a physically healthy person is generally less likely to develop certain forms of cancer thanks to a more robust physical makeup.

A person who keeps to a daily workout routine is generally going to be fitter and healthier than one who does not and this in itself can be a determining factor in the increased chance of remaining cancer free.

This does not of course mean that cancer patients should rush out to the gym and start working out, although some gentle daily exercise can only be beneficial in helping to maintain physical strength. But as a preventative measure, physical fitness can be a determining factor.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

daily exerciseOne reason it is believed that maintaining a daily physical exercise regimen combined with choosing the right diet that is healthy and nutritious helps a person resist the onset of cancer as well as maintaining a healthy physical aspect is not so much the physical aspect as the mental one. The very routine of daily exercise focuses the mind on the task of improving physical strength, fitness and health.

As long as the mind is focused on good health, the cells of the body respond by displaying a healthy aspect. More healthy new cells are created as a result, especially muscle tissue cells but also other cells in the body as part of the body's natural replenishment cycles.

It is becoming more widely accepted that the opposite effect is seen in unfit patients that do no physical exercise and as a result have more time for their minds to dwell on unhealthy thoughts. Cells respond to this state of mind with lower production rates of new, healthy cells and a higher probability of cell abnormalities.

This is a side of health that is being researched as scientists try to better understand how much involvement the actual state of mind has with the physical body on all levels.

It would seem logical as well as practical that a person maintains their body in the best physical shape as they possibly can not only for the obvious benefits of strength, stamina and higher energy levels, but also for the knock-on effect of a better mental state that is more focused on health.

Note: This idea is by no means accepted by all medical authorities and as such should not be taken out of context or accepted as fact.

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