Slow and Steady Weight Loss

While its quite common to want to lose weight as fast as you possibly can, it's not always the most healthy or sensible solution to your weight problem.

You may have been heavy for a long time, having gained the excess weight over a considerable span of time, such as several years, so it would make pretty good common sense to expect to lose it slowly in order to ensure that you will keep it off once it has gone.

One of the most sensible of all tips for weight loss is to keep a slow and steady approach to losing weight. This is born out by the many highlighted instances of people who lose weight fast only to put it all back on just as fast once they had stopped dieting.

Avoid Crash Dieting

slow steady weight lossThat happens because when you try and lose it very quickly through a tried and tested diet program, the popular approach is to do a crash diet of some description which entails practically starving yourself for several days at a stretch.

This may have the desired effect with a rapid reduction in stored fat along with some muscle mass and likely some water weight too.

Along with all that goes a reduction in the metabolic rate of the body. This means you end up metabolizing food much more slowly as the body responds to the sudden period of starvation. It's almost like making the weight loss go in reverse.

It doesn't take much figuring out that once the body's metabolism has slowed down and as soon as the person starts eating normally again, most of they eat will go straight back onto their waistline and thighs as fat. That's because that slow metabolism isn't converting the food into energy, just storing the bulk of it as fat!

Plenty of Time

This is why you gain weight fast after losing it fast by crash dieting! The whole point of a good diet is to shed pounds in such a way that they stay "shed" and don't come back again.

So take it slow and steady, allow yourself plenty of time to lose those excess pounds and you will benefit from allowing your body to get used to the new way of eating and the gradual loss in fat. You can include more raw foods in your diet to further boost the way the body burns energy.

It will also allow the metabolism to stay constant, while including some exercise will help boost the metabolism so that more of the fat is burned as energy. Its the best way to go and will insure a better chance of keeping the wight off once is has been lost in the longer term.